Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Calorie Counting: 15 Days and Still Counting!

Today marks 15 days of counting calories and I have only slipped up once.  I haven't been too active with the exercising portion, but I have been keeping busy with work and everything.  The weather here is getting up into the 60's (F) so we are getting back to walking/running tonight.

At work today I helped to unload a 53 foot trailer packed with semi tires.  I was absolutely beat afterwards, but I felt really good about it.  It was nice to get outside and work instead of sitting at a desk staring at a monitor all day.

I hurt my knee a little bit last week and I am really hoping that it doesn't bother me when I run.  That would push my efforts way back.  I will update you all if it bothers me or not tomorrow.  It is hard to explain what happened, but basically I fell around 15 feet and landed with my leg straight.  I was on equipment so think about if an elevator fell 15 feet and stopped abruptly.  It hasn't been hurting too bad today, but running might bother it.

See you all tomorrow!


  1. Bro try going to a Chinese and/or Filipino store somewhere in your area and find yourself some liniment. Dunno if you've heard of that before but they're good for muscle pain, back aches, stomach aches, sinuses etc - pretty much muscle pain.

    It smells pretty strong as well, like Vick's vapour rub but stronger and once you put it on it works like a heat patch.

    Still worth a shot man, if you do manage to find any of those stores look for anything that has "Methyl Salicylate, Camphor+Menthol" on the bottle. It should be all good, but it's not for drinking!

    Good luck man.

  2. @MynameisEarl - I may have to check into that, my muscles are absolutely killing me today!