Friday, February 24, 2012

I might as well, right?

I decided yesterday that I'm going to start running on my lunch break at work.  We have a mandatory half hour lunch that is deducted from our pay each day, and we have a very large facility with a huge parking lot.  I work for a trucking company so we have to have room for tractor trailers so there is plenty of space around the entire building.  I ran yesterday 2 laps around the building, stretching before and after.  I only was able to run 1 today because I had to pick up lunch for our mechanics.  We moved our mechanics tools and parts into the building today so it was a very physical day and I did a lot of lifting.

It is amazing running during lunch, I used to be so tired after lunch when I would just sit around and eat.  Yesterday and today I felt completely rejuvenated and pushed through the rest of the day like it was nothing.  I even received a few compliments on the way to my office today, 2 people said that I seemed to have been working really hard yesterday and didn't stop moving until I punched out.  That made it just that much better!

If anyone else out there has a mandatory lunch break, I would recommend bring a quick mobile lunch and strapping on the running shoes.  Not only does it make you have more energy, but it saves time after work for family.

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  1. great goals. I am impressed and it sounds like you are going to be really successful.