Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It counts right?

I really intended on working out last night and not to let you all down, but I didn't.  After work I met Ashley at the store to do grocery shopping, while shopping we realized our freezer isn't big enough.  My father was nice enough to offer us a chest freezer when we moved into the new house, but we never took it.  I called him and he said I could come over and load it up in his truck.  While we were getting the freezer he mentioned that I should take all of my weight lifting equipment.  We loaded up my weight bench, dumbbells, bars, accessories, and all of my weights. I have 1000+ pounds of weights and I carried them upstairs and loaded them in the truck.  Once I had everything loaded we drove out to my house where I unloaded everything and carried it down the stairs.

So I guess in all reality I really did workout yesterday after all!

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