Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nutella: Not So Healthy

Mmm... Nutella...

So I was browsing the web recently and stumbled across the Nutella lawsuit article again.  For those of you that haven't heard about this hilarious lawsuit I will post the link at the end of this post.  After reading it for probably the 10th time I decided it was time I try some Nutella for myself.  Now just a bit of history, I will eat anything and everything and probably enjoy it.  While at the grocery store I picked up some Nutella and bread and headed home.  I toasted up 2 slices of bread and spread Nutella on it, I noticed that it was hard to spread and the container was pretty small.  I ate the bread and instantly fell in love with Nutella.  Fast forward a few weeks and I have tried Nutella as a pretzel dip, with ice cream, and even straight from the jar.

I have decided that Nutella will not be brought into my house again, because it is far too tempting to have around.  Now the point of this post really wasn't Nutella, the point of this post is to point out that I am not currently on a diet or watching what I eat.  I do have a reason for this folks, and I'm here to explain it.

My biggest problem in the past with losing weight was doing too much at once.  I would start exercising, watch what I eat, cut out pop from my daily routine, and constantly research new diets and exercises.  I would also push myself too far with my exercises, and by that I mean push my body too hard and devote too much time.

These problems always lead me to the same destination, giving everything up at once.  This time I am going to do things differently, at least that is what I'm telling myself.  I am going to start by running 3 times a week, I figure this is a good starting point and doesn't push me too hard or take up too much time.  I know that I won't see significant results from this, but that is why I don't own a scale.  I am not a results driven person, results give a false sense of success that usually ends up going to my head.

As far as running this week, I am on a 3 day losing streak for running after work.  However, yesterday and today I ran during work.  Today I spent 4 hours on a project, of those 4 hours only 1 of the hours was spent standing still.  The other 3 hours were spent walking or running, I am absolutely exhausted.  I would still like to try to run after work today if the weather permits.

Well I brought you all here under the false assumption that I would be talking all about Nutella, but I stayed on my blog topic and just brought a little something else to the table.  For those that wanted to read that article it is linked below.

"Shocked" That It's Not Healthy, Mother Sues Nutella - The Consumerist

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