Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hi!  My name is Ryan Thornton, I am a 25 year old computer technician from Erie, PA.  I have always been overweight and physically unfit.  My fiancée Ashley and I have set a wedding date, June 2nd 2012!  I want to look my very best on our wedding date.  If you look to the top-right of this page, you will see a countdown.  As of writing this, I have 404 days.

Usually I would've started by running to the store and buying the first weight loss pill with the best guarantee.  If that didn't succeed, I would have gone right back and bought every piece of excercise equipment with a guarantee of a six-pack.  These things have never worked for me in the past and I'm sure they never will.  I want to lose weight and get toned, I don't want to build huge muscles right off the bat.

My other issue is that we live in a small one bedroom apartment.  This doesn't leave much space for equipment or exercising.  This means I will need to strictly use my body weight to workout.  As of starting this blog, I am on day 2 of my workout plan.  For the time being I will not be changing my diet, but only small decisions such as smaller portions and less snacking.  My workout plan is as follows:

  • 5 minutes of aerobics and stretching
  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 20 Chest Dips
  • 30 Squat and Heel Raises
  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 Dive-Bomber Push-Ups
  • 25 Bend and Raises
  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 20 Tricep Push-Ups
  • 20 Half-Squats
  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 30 sec. Arm Haulers
  • 20 Atomic Sit-Ups
  • 10x2 Hip Twists
  • 30 sec. Flutter Kicks
  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 Std. Push-Ups
  • 25 Crunches
On paper, this seems like quite a bit.  It all really equates to 30 minutes, soreness, profuse sweating, and a great feeling of accomplishment.  I can do all of this in a 6ft by 5ft square in front of my computer desk.  I fire up a high-energy play list, slide the computer chair out of the way, and get down to business.

I am confident that this workout plan will be successful, since it has been before.  About 10 years ago, I did this routine 5 days a week for six months and saw huge improvements in my physical appearance and fitness. If you do the math however, that is right around the time I got my driver's license and got lazy.  I don't own a scale but I estimate that I am currently 235 pounds and have been consistently for about 6 years.  When I did this routine before, I started at the same weight.  After six months, I was hovering between 199 and 201.  I would like to hit that mark again and rip right past it.  

I am a computer technician by day and a gamer by night.  Any other time, I'm driving for the thrill of it.  These activities don't exactly scream healthy.  Sitting around on a computer all day, coming home to sit at a computer chair, and driving around in the comfy leather only lead to one thing, a big butt!

In a later post I will be going through the parts of my body that irritate me and I would like to overcome.  I will try to keep this blog updated regularly, my goal is 3 posts per week.  The purpose of this goal is to get motivation, I am very driven by positive reinforcement.  Believe me when I say, negative reinforcement is just as effective.  Not all of my posts will be long, I may post from my phone if I find myself too active.

In another post in the not too distant future, I would like to put up some starter pictures of my body.  Not something that anyone would want to look at, but something to reference in 404 days.  

So far I feel very good about this.  Being Easter today, I did get one last chance to overeat a little bit.  My two workouts have rocked me to my core, but the after effect has me with a huge smile and very large boost of energy.

Please feel free to comment, email, or follow me.  The more friends I can meet on the way will make this experience much more fun!

P.S. - What do you think about "Marry Me" by Train as our wedding song?

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